Why You Should Use Double Opt-In Permission-Based Lists


If you are an email marketer, nothing is more important to you than your sender reputation. One way that you can ensure that your sender reputation remains unstained by the big ISPs is to always use a permission-based double opt-in mailing list for all of your campaigns. Using a double opt-in affords you some extra protection against getting marked as “spam” – which is detrimental to not only your sender reputation but also your response rate. Besides – double opt-in leads are much higher quality leads than other types because the subscriber has went an extra step by verifying their interest in what you have to offer.

Why Double Opt-In?

The difference between a single (regular) opt-in and a double opt-in is the difference between hamburger and steak – figuratively speaking, of course. A single opt-in only requires that the prospect (usually a visitor to your website) gives their first name, last name, and primary email address when signing up for a newsletter, requesting a special offer or promo item, or registering for your site. Typically, a single opt-in is automatically confirmed in your database, without verification of any information that has been transmitted.

Single opt-ins often consist of erroneous information that can dramatically affect your bounce rate, the number of times your messages get marked as “spam” (and thus sender reputation) and the overall success of your campaign in general.

Why is this?

Because many people want the reward you’re giving (oftentimes to receive a special report, an E-book, or some other type of premium that you are offering as an incentive for the visitor to give you their information) – but they do not want to receive emails from your organization or business. With the double opt-in, however, the subscriber is required to click a link that is contained in a message sent to their email address – which confirms their interest.

How Double Opt-in Works

Double opt-ins are simple – and effective. Visitors or prospects simply fill in their first name and primary email address on your opt-in or squeeze page. You can set your auto-responder program to automatically generate an email to their email address that requests them to confirm their subscription, membership, or interest in an offer. While they are still on your site (opting in) they will be directed to a “thank you” page where they will be requested to check their email. Once the link in the message is clicked, the subscriber is brought back to another page where they can receive their promo item or be thanked for subscribing.

Double opt-ins give you an added layer of protection against spam complaints and also give you a better list of prospects for your campaigns. If you’re not using permission-based emails (at least a single opt-in), you will never fully realize your potential as an email marketer.