Website and SEO Online Account Checklist for Business Owners


Do you have access to critical website and SEO related accounts for your business?
As an SEO consultant, I often need access to my clients Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools data so that I can perform a proper analysis. Sometimes I run across new clients who don’t have access to their own online accounts because their website designer or another vendor sets up these accounts for them.

This causes extra work and headaches as people scramble around to get access to their own information. So, I’m writing this online account checklist post as more of a public service announcement rather than the information on SEO that I usually share.

Would you be able to access your website and SEO data after a disaster?

If you don’t know the answer, then here’s a real-life example: One of my clients had their website go down because they never received notification to renew their domain name which was registered by their old web designer. This designer had actually died some months before. So, my client had to get ownership of his domain after the fact. Not an easy task.

Keep track of Login Credentials for Critical Accounts

As a business owner, it’s important to own or have access to the various accounts associated with your website, internet marketing, social media, and other online profiles.

For each account, you will need to keep track of the following:

– URL to log into the account
– Account username
– Account password
– Email address associated with the account (to reset lost passwords). Also, sometimes the email address is used as the username.
– Other security items associated with the account, such as a PIN.
– How you keep track of this information is up to you. Of course, it should always be kept in a secure location.

If there are different levels of user permissions on accounts, as a business owner you should have administrator access to each account.

List of different account types to track for each website and blog you own

Here is a list of the most common account types associated with websites, blogs, SEO, and internet marketing. Depending on your website, you may or may not have each type of account.

Domain Name Registrar
Website Hosting Account
Website FTP Account
Google Analytics Account
Google Webmaster Tools Account
Google Adwords Account
Google+ Account
Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress, Joomla, etc.
Databases Accounts
e-Commerce Solution Account
Third Party Tools accounts, if any – Affiliate marketing,, Google Adsense, etc.
All Social Media Accounts
All Online Directory Accounts – Yelp, MerchantCircle, Patch, etc.
For the Google accounts, you can have access to all of these from the same username and password if set up properly.

Other Rules of Thumb for Website and SEO Related Accounts

ALWAYS register your own domain name. This is a business asset and your business should own it.
Make sure your website and any associated databases are being backed up periodically and that you have access to these backups.
Keep your account credentials list up to date.
Periodically try to log into each account to verify it is still working properly and that the contact information is correct.