Web Directory and Its Use in SEO


Web directories are those websites which are created to provide linking to other site on internet. You can consider Web Directory as similar to your telephone directory, telephone directory contains numbers of people in your area and Web Directory contains address of other website on internet. Web Directories list the website in categories and sun categories to easily find relevant site if you need to. Any Web directory is the best and easy to get one way link to your website which can help in improving PageRank of your site.

Type of Web Directories

There are several types of web directories, including general web directory, Niche web directory, reciprocal web directory, paid web directory …etc.

General Web Directory:
These web directories list all kind of websites, An example of general directory is DMOZ where one can find all type of websites, it is very popular as well. It has the entire World Wide Web as its root then all categorization is done and websites are listed according to there categories.

Niche Web Directory:
There are the web directories, which have restricted listing of some limited categories or industry, and known as Niche directories. For example a web directory that allows only health related web sites to be listed is called Health web directory. Every niches has several Niche Directories and can be used for search engine optimization.

Reciprocal link directory:
Reciprocal link directories are web directory whihc require you to provide a link back to them for your website to be listed in there directory.

Bidding Web Directory:
Bidding Directories has those where you have to bid and pay for your website to be listed. They bid according to space they provide for listing. First page listing oes at higher bids against those which are listed on other pages of same directory.

Why we Need A Web Directory

One way links are good for SEO and any website’s rank in view of search engines for improving rank. web directories becaome more important as they are good source of one way links. They help in getting a good rank in search engines and more important factor is getting a back links to your site, which help in incresing link popularity. Also approved in listing in directories make sure that you have passed some standards they set for listing and is a quality site.

When and How to Submit

You should do Directory subm,ission at the launch of your site when the site is very new and does not have any presence on world wide web. You can always start submitting your site instead of directory owners find and list your site. Because if you wait for them they willnot list your site unless you have a strong presence on the internet.

Building reputation and presence for your site over the intenet will take a lot of time then expected if you do not build links to your site.