Unusual Ways To Boost Your Income


Many people look for ways to make money; whether this is to supplement an income, add to savings or pay off debts. Some people consider setting up their own business and becoming self employed. A good way to start your company is to set up as a sole trader and use previous experiences, interests and hobbies to take your product or service to the market. However, some people do not wish to take the leap into self-employment and look for ways to make a second income.

For those who work full time, it can be difficult to find the extra hours needed to bring in extra money and therefore; many people look for money-making strategies that are easily implemented and provide a quick return. Below are some of the strangest and most innovative ways of making money.

1. Advertising Space

With the growth of the Internet, there are thousands of opportunities to make money online. Most companies now have an online presence and are aware of the importance of advertising on the Internet. Consumers are now using the Internet to shop, play and do business on. Therefore; online advertising is an essential element of companies’ promotional strategies. One way of capitalising on this is to offer companies advertising space. However, companies looking to invest in advertising will be looking for proof of popular websites that are visited often by potential customers. Social media websites are very successful at providing advertising space because of their popularity over recent years. Many consumers now choose to communicate using Facebook and Twitter.

2. Gambling

This is by far one of the riskiest ways of making money. A bad gamble can be devastating, depending on how much money is put down. On the other hand, a good gamble can certainly pay off. The trick is to quit while you are winning rather than getting greedy. Recognise success quickly and then leave that table, despite your confidence. Be aware of the so-called ‘winning streak’. It is a far better strategy to play cautiously and mount up your winnings gradually.

3. Tattoo / Body Advertising

Nowadays, there seems to be no barrier to where you can advertise. Companies will pay thousands of pounds to get their brand name seen by their target market. A unique way of offering advertising space is to use unusual platforms such as your body. There have been successful examples of people offering advertising space on their bodies using removable marker pens or temporary tattoos and using the Internet for broadcasting.

4. Life Auction

A drastic approach to making money; however, auctioning your life makes for an interesting story. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to add up all your possessions and put a value on everything in your life, tangible and intangible? Once a sum was reached, could you imagine putting this up for auction? One man did, in a dramatic plan to ease the pain of a failed marriage.

5. Ask for Money!

Perhaps the simplest way of making money is to simply ask for it. A surprisingly successful means of doing so could be the use of the Internet. As mentioned previously in this article, the Internet is a popular platform where people spend hours communicating with each other, shopping, browsing, researching etc. Donation websites are easy to set up and allow people to ask for money in a none-assuming way. The quirkiness of this strategy may just be enough to attract Internet browsers and result in a donation. If you consider the amount of traffic online, the earning potential is huge.