Top WordPress SEO Tips


WordPress is the best blogging platform for everyone; if you manage it properly it will help you to spread your ideas. You have a blog you need to make most out of it, follow these simple tips to maximize blog rankings.

Make Sure You Don’t Block Blog Visibility

If you are a newbie you might not know that by default wordpress uses the option “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors”. You need to turn it off from settings > privacy settings page.

Allow Comments

Comments are the good way to add content to your blog posts. You might get more information and visitors engage in interesting comments as well.

Use Canonicalization

Make sure you are using canonical URL option, if you page is accessible from more than one location, search engines might get confused or you might have a duplicate content penalty.

Add No Follow to Links

Always use rel=”nofollow” to less important links, it will help you pass the link juice. Also use rel=”nofollow” on your comments because most of the spammers got attracted by do follow links.

Use Alt Attribute on Images

Always use alt tag on your images on the blogs related to your blog posts and topic. It will help you rank in image search, there is an option in wordpress in newer version to add alt text to images.

Install XML Sitemap Generator Plugin

Creating an XML sitemap will help search engines to read all your pages. It is a good idea to use a XML sitemap generator plugin on your blog.

Use Customized Permalinks

You can use custom permalinks to make the post look more attractive and shorten the whole URL.

Use All In One SEO Pack Plugin

The best SEO plugin for wordpress is All In One SEO Pack, it provides you with many options. You can create custom Title, description and keywords and you can also customize each post title, description, and keywords. It also allows you set each page title structure; it will help you customize your blog pages. All In One SEO Pack is the complete SEO tool for your blog. Turn on the following options “use noindex for categories” “use noindex for archives” use noindex for tags”, it will help you no getting penalty of duplicate content.

Choose Your Blog Topic

It is always a good idea if your blog has a topic or some particular niche, it will help your blog to be more SEO friendly. You can select the keyword rich domain to target your niche.

Make Blog Posts Wisely

When you are making a blog post always try to target keywords after doing some research. Use long tail keywords with descriptive titles rather than using a small title. You can add custom title and description to your blog posts as well.


These are the top wordpress SEO tips, if you like to add more to it please comment on the post. If you follow them right it will help you to gain good rankings in search engines.