Top Two Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website NOW


Unprofitable websites are like bad investments that keep eating at your bottom line. But it doesn’t take a Harvard MBA to turn an unprofitable website into one that makes money. A profitable website is a busy website, one that is visited frequently and one that visitors want to return to again and again.

Without traffic, your website ends up in the Internet graveyard with all of the other has-been websites that were neglected by their owners. Generating traffic for your website should be your number one concern – and you should dedicate at least ninety percent of the time that you spend working on your website to doing just that. Let’s look at the top two ways that you can drive traffic to your website now.

Mega Traffic Generation Method: Article Marketing

The number one way to drive visitors to your website is through article marketing and article submissions (both on-site and off). There are lots of article submissions sites (like Ezine, for instance) that allow you to submit a number of articles without any cost (subject to editorial guidelines). Useful and meaningful content that is relevant to your niche markets interests and needs is a sure-fire way to get them to the article to read it. Then “presto” – the reader of your article becomes intrigued with what you have written enough to click on your link in the “resource box” – and then “bingo” they are visiting your site. It’s that simple.

While it would be optimal to write ten, twenty, or more articles a day for your website (or hire it done), be sure to submit at least one article each day to a reputable article submission site. Articles should be a minimum of 250 words but need not be longer than 500 and should be informative, not written like a sales letter (you do want to interest the reader enough to click on your link).

Mega Traffic Generation Method: Forum Posting

Second to article marketing, forum posting is the next best way to draw traffic to your site. Posting to forums costs nothing, but the pay off can be huge, especially since the visitors that come to your website from links that you post in forums are usually highly targeted. Post meaningful content to as many forums as you can each and every day.

Be sure to not only add useful content, but to also ask questions and show interest (even if it is just for “show”) in what other forum posters have to say. Always be a good steward of the forum, and be nice to the point of becoming a saint to all who gather there. Make the forum your community. Consistent forum posting is a known traffic generator.