Tips For SEO That You Need to Know


You might know the fundamentals of search engine optimization, but what else do you need to know? There are always new ways that you can expand your knowledge of SEO so that you can build your brand awareness and get more visitors to your site. Here are just a few of the smartest was to do more SEO for your site so you will enjoy more success.

1. Use podcasts and videos to make you popular

Videos and podcasts can not only make you popular among prospective customers, but if you are smart about it, you can also make them an SEO success for you as well. Simply remember to use keywords in the titles and tags, and to do a good job so that people will share your work. That will result in more links to you, which will result in higher rankings. You may also transcribe to text all your videos and podcasts, which will give you even more of an SEO boost.

2. Make yourself viral. This goes beyond podcasts and video

You need to make yourself and your company interesting. Not only does it work from a flat out marketing perspective, but it also allows you to get more links from people who talk about you to their friends and online contacts. To be viral, you have to think outside the box and do things a little differently than everyone else. It has to be a soft sell that is funny or unique enough to make people want to share. Check out videos and content that has gone viral, to get ideas.

3. Give your pictures titles that contain keywords

This is often overlooked, but it can work really well. Remember, people search the search engines for pictures too, and it’s entirely possible that your well-named picture may outrank your site, but that’s alright; when people click on the picture, they will know what site it came from and want to know if there is any further help or photography at the site.

4. Start internally linking within your site

This creates a web that search engine crawlers can navigate, allowing for a real thorough picture of what your site is about. To internally link, you need to simply mention other things in your site and hyperlink them. Many blog do this when, at the end of every post, they mention two or three other articles to read, or have a “most popular” section.

5. Watch search trends

There are many sites that offer you the opportunity to see what people are searching for every day. Why is that important to you? Search trends can help give you ideas for new products in the future. These trends can also give you an idea of what people are searching for so that you can possibly change keywords on your site to reflect what you are observing in real time. If you do that faster than your competitors, you will come out ahead.

Basics of SEO are just the tip of the iceberg. There is always more to learn, so find out as much as you can to take your SEO plan out of this world!