Starting Small, Making Plenty


One strategy I’ve loved from the first time I started working online has been the existence of small projects you can undertake to make small profits that you can then easily scale into similar ventures. Not all bloggers can be the next Steve Pavlina, after all, nor can every affiliate marketer be the next Shoemoney.

For most people making bank on the web, the secret is to find small ways to eke out a profit, identify the path that got them there and do the same with other ventures. While the money is small, multiply that amount by 10 or 15 similar projects and you can be looking at the start of a burgeoning empire.


I love using PPC as an example for this because the results are immediate, allowing you to find something that works then implement the same strategy into five or six other campaigns within the next few days. For example, you discover that using surveys is a viable way of pushing sign-ups for zip submits and similar free offers.

You set up one campaign, tweak it to profitability within two days and then leave it to its own. You can then immediately turn around, find a similar offer and use the same technique (survey + PPC) to promote it. When you do, chances are good that you’ll see rather similar numbers.


Say you start a blog today and, within 4 weeks, are able to increase readership and harvest a modicum of backlinks using techniques you picked up along the way. Let’s say that your small blog is now in a position to earn $1 a day. Most people will try to grow the blog even more, exploring social media and other avenues of promotion.

However, an equally valid way of earning money is to start 20 new blogs then do the exact same techniques you used to build up your reader base and backlinks. If all goes well, you can be up to $20 a day or more within another 4 weeks or so.

Small Profits

When you go about your online business this way, the trick is to always be building your empire using the same tried and tested techniques that net you your first whiff of profit. Will this make you rich? Probably not. What it will likely do is help you start your online empire with a steady and varied source of income. After all, having that solid base of profits is what usually gives you the freedom to explore riskier ways of business which can pay off with bigger dividends in the future.