The Start Up Costs of a Hobby Shop


A hobby shop is a store where the items that are sold are usually meant for recreational and hobby activities. Just a few to name are supplies for race car tracks, model airplanes, train models, ship models, along with plenty of supplies for house models as well. The supplies that they offer are on a wide variety of different models that can be created. However, some of them may sometimes sell dolls, board games, and video games. Many people come to visit hobby shops because of the main priority in providing items for those types of people who are into these stuff. Having a business in this industry can be quite a good idea for most of you, and most of you will come to realize how helpful it is to be in such a nice business.

However, there are certain overhead costs that need to be thought about before officially getting into the business.

The Start Up Costs of a Hobby Shop

-The Supplies Of The Items

The main supplies are the most important things to buy. Your customers will come to your hobby shop because of only two things; your supplies and items inside. You need to provide for them the items, as those are the only things that they want from you. Luckily, most of the items that you buy are going to be from suppliers who sell those items to you for low prices, so you can then sell those items for much more later on. Either way, the first intial investment into the business is definitely going to be tough for a startup business.


You can’t live on the supplies alone, as you need to have a good location. You need to have a nice store that is created and stuctured well to attract hobbyists of all ages. The location dictates where the business is going to go, so investing in a rather bigger location that is in or near the mall is a very smart idea for the long haul. Make sure that the location is very busy to get a lot of consistent visitors. In other words, you will need to pay for a location. It is pretty obvious that this is one of the biggest overhead costs involved, especially if you need to pay for your location monthly.

-Extra Items

The extra items that you plan to sell are also a part of the overhead costs. Usually the items are quite expensive, and many people will consider getting the additional items in the future. However, if you do plan to add these in your store, you will find them to be a great customer booster. Video games, dolls, and jigsaw puzzles are just a few of the many different items that you will find to be available. The extra items that are added can truly be a great investment to make for your business. Hobby stores should always have these additional items for a better promotional and advertising strategy. It is much easier to promote when you have so much to show.


The employees may not be a main part of the overhead costs, but you will find the investment in them to be expensive as well.

How to lower down the costs

The best way to possibly lower down the costs is to use common sense on everything that you buy. Whether it is lowering down the amount of supplies that you plan to buy or beginning in an unknown part of the city, it is all about starting small. If you did have the extra cash to spend on the overhead costs, then that shouldn’t be a problem. However, each of the costs above are just normal and need to be considered no matter what.

The hobby shop business is definitely a nice place to make big money, but the overhead costs can grow when it all begins. While it is an expensive business to get into, you will find it rewarding on a daily basis to provide the most important supplies to many people in your area. When getting that business of yours created, keep the overhead costs above in mind.