How Much Business Could You Be Missing Out On?


Getting potential clients to pick up your phone and call your business is only half the battle. Once they are on the line, you have a slim window of opportunity to catch their attention, make a sale and hopefully secure a source of repeat custom.

Of course, if you miss this opportunity because you are unable to adequately route inbound calls or handle them in a way that does not compromise your relationship with the caller, then you could end up handing a business opportunity to a rival unnecessarily.

There are several ways to deal with this issue and reconnect with any calls you might have missed or, ideally, pick up calls the first time around.

If you do have a missed call, then you might not necessarily be aware with it and be able to deal with it using a basic telephone system. But if you invest in non-geographic, web-based services then you will be in a much better position to stay on top of your inbound voice traffic.

Missed call alerts can be activated so that you and your colleagues are emailed in the event that an inbound caller fails to get through to anyone. You can then act upon this information and give them a call back whenever you have the opportunity. The inclusion of the time and date of the missed call will mean that you have an idea of how long ago it was made and you can plan your approach appropriately when you return it.

To avoid missing calls in the first place because you are away from your desk or busy with another task, you might consider choosing a telephony service which includes advanced call routing and inbound-call recording to keep you in the loop.

With contemporary call-routing technology it is possible to forward a call automatically to your mobile, home phone or another extension. This will occur seamlessly and can be controlled remotely and even set on a timer so that you are always reachable no matter where you are during the day.

In some circumstances, you may wish to place inbound callers in a queue so that they can be dealt with if they are willing to hang on the line. This may not be the best method for winning over first-time customers, but it is better than turning them away altogether or leaving them ringing through endlessly, which can make them feel like they are not receiving any attention.

You cannot answer every inbound call, which is why automatic recording would be a good way of letting customers get in touch while giving you the opportunity to respond from a position of strength.

The act of choosing a non-geographic number can be a sales winner in its own right. This is because choosing to present your business as a national rather than a regional organisation will make you seem more professional and also give you that vital asset of approachability. If you are starting to expand your business and offer products and services to people across the country, then the best way to appeal to this audience is through a non-geographic number.

Knowing that you have missed calls and possibly lost out on sales can be very annoying. But if you have the correct tools to tackle missed calls, communicate with customers and get in touch before they slip through the net, then you will be in a much better position. One of the great advantages of these services is that they are inexpensive because they are controlled via online portals. There is minimal investment required upfront and you will never again miss potential customers’ calls.