What is Your Motivation to Start a Business?


Economically, times have been hard over the last few years. It is strange then that the number of people registering as self-employed & starting their own business has increased, or is it?

Redundancy Can Be a Kick Start

Many people dream of running their own business for years and years but the security of a 9 to 5 job is just too tempting to give up in order to branch out on your own. In most cases this is completely understandable as many people have families to support. However, due to the fact that many big companies have been hit hard in recent years, there have been more redundancies made.

A lot of people find that the redundancy shakes them out of their comfort zone and the status-quo of employment and causes them to rethink their career plans. For some it serves as the push that is needed in order for them to start realising their dreams.

Create the Job You Can’t Find

Many school and university leavers are finding it increasingly difficult to get a job, even with degrees and diplomas in their pockets. Many are starting to create opportunities for themselves that they cannot find elsewhere. There are many grants and funding schemes available for young entrepreneurs and in some ways it is easier to start your own enterprise as a young person due to the volume of support that is currently out there.

When a Hobby Takes Off

Occasionally you will meet a very lucky person who has somehow managed to turn their hobby in to a full time career. Whether that is a musician who has a teaching business, a card maker who supplies to shops or a mum who has started a day nursery, these people have the pleasure of doing what they love and being paid for it. If you feel that you have a hobby that could make you money then it is a good idea to test it on a small scale first and see whether or not it is actually worthwhile.

Lack of Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction and morale is an important part of your working life. Employees who are happy in their jobs work better, harder and for much longer. Many people take an ‘in-between’ job when they finish education in order to tide them over. However, these jobs tend to last for much longer than anticipated and ambition can easily get lost in the pressures of everyday life. Many people reach a stage where they become unhappy in their current jobs and this causes them to seek out an alternative and for many that is self-employment.