Making Money From Your Blog In 2017


How do you make money from a blog? For the most part, it’s still the same as last year, although, some revenue streams are starting to look more attractive than others.

1. Direct Sales

More and more bloggers have been moving towards selling directly to their audience. Whether it’s services or products, the more people that respect your voice, the better your chances of making a sale.

Of course, you know your audience best and, hopefully, have taken the time to understand what they’re looking to buy. If your diet blog’s audience needs a brand new Diet Program or your web design blog has customers clamoring for site theme designs, you’re in the best position to sell it to them.

2. Contextual Ads

Adsense still seems to be the preferred advertising vehicle of choice for many blogs although that’s slowly changing. With seemingly reduced payout rates and the increasing profitability of other income streams, 2009 may be the year we see a lot less “Ads by Google” plastered across blog posts.

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you’re not yet in a position to offer your own products and services, the next best thing is to recommend someone else’s. A lot of the time, it’s actually smart to take the AM route before deciding to invest in your own products. It gives you the chance to test the waters as to what your audience likes and, perhaps, make a little coin in the process.

4. Ad Sponsorships

Whether you source your advertisers directly or rely on a third-party provider, ad sponsorships can offer a very profitable income stream. They are especially useful if you have an audience that you haven’t found an exact way to monetize yet. Sponsors will also love interactive opportunities with your audience, whether it is via special discounts from your blog or contest prizes, all of which can net you extra income all the same.

5. Other Ways

There are many more ways to make money from your blogs, with each new ad network trying to come up with the next big thing. Always be on the lookout for new income opportunities in 2009 because I have feeling there’ll be more to come.