Local Business Search: Should you get into local directories and web site listings?


The latest trend in internet marketing is to get your website to rank well in the local directories and website listings. There are a number of reasons that you are going to want to do it, mainly because of changes in the way that internet searches are being done. These days the more local your site is the better from the perspective of search engines. People want information that is relevant to the area where they live

The main reason that you want to get your business ranked well in local search results and directories is that there will be less competition. Yes, Local Business Search can be highly effective if you can outdo your opposition. There are literally millions of websites that are targeting virtually any keyword phrase that is profitable so getting your site to rank well is very difficult. In most niches there is far less competition for the local search results since the vast majority of websites aren’t targeting these terms.

By making an effort to go after these terms and rank well you will be able to get traffic much easier and much more cheaply than you could if you went after the term without restricting it to a local area.

There is an additional benefit to go after local search results, the traffic that you do get is going to be much more targeted. These days when most people search for something they will actually search for it using their location in the search. This is especially true when they are making purchases. There is little value to searching for something that you want to buy only to get a bunch of results from sites that don’t deliver the product to your area.

People have enough experience making online purchases to know that if they want to buy something they need to do a search using their location in it. From the perspective of the marketer that means you can increase sales by going after this traffic since it is much more targeted. If somebody does a search for a product in a certain location there is a very good chance that he is looking to buy.

One of the results of people including their location when they do searches is that it has encouraged the search engines to change the way they present results. Most search engines will now actually place local search results at the top of the page. The goal of the search engines is to make sure that the searcher gets the best and most relevant results. It is becoming clear that the most relevant results are local results. Therefore the search engines will provide local results.

That makes it critically important for websites to be listed in local directories and search engines if they want to get any visitors at all. This trend will likely become more and more pronounced with almost all search results becoming targeted by location. Making it even more important that you get your site to rank well locally.