Let your customers grow your business using these 4 tips


In today’s business climate, you either go out and find new customers or nurture your existing ones and turn them into fans and advocates.

As finding new customers can be very expensive optimising your existing customers is often the best option. In order for you to keep your business growing you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences throughout, so your customers keep coming back for more and talk about you to their friends.

Tip 1: Find out why customers like you

You could be surprised. It’s often not what you think, which customers value the most. Ask what they value the most and then feed the customer’s passion about your brand.

Tip 2: Reward and acknowledge your customers

Think about rewards and acknowledgements, which are likely to make your customers feel valued and inspire them to talk about you. I’m not just talking about reward cards. You see them everywhere. I’m thinking about a more bespoke reward or incentive.

Yes, you will need to know your customers well to answer this one. However, the rewards can be huge. Just give them something to talk about and watch what happens.

Tip 3: Choose the right social media

Find the social networking sites, most used by your customers and get their permission to communicate and connect with them. Make it easy for your customers to contact you, by prominently displaying your Facebook / Twitter / Google+ details. By earning their permission to keep in contact with them, you open a whole new channel of communication, which can have massive commercial value for you and your business.

Tip 4: Create an open dialogue

Yes, your customers come to you looking for goods or services. However, by speaking with your customers and asking for their feedback, you can uncover opportunities to be of greater value to them and greater service. This 2-way approach to customer communication helps everyone and can be a source of extremely valuable data for your business.