Keywords: Finding, Stealing, And Begging


Choosing the right keywords has long been a critical foundation for many successful web businesses. Whether for SEO or PPC use, finding the keywords that your customers are likely to associate with your products and services are key to successfully connecting with your audience. Unless you do it, you’re just wasting time – idling by as competitors carve their own niches in the marketplace.

Captain Obvious To The Rescue

Start with your obvious keywords. If you’re selling insurance plans, the keywords “insurance” and “insurance plan” are as plain as it gets, along with anything else that immediately comes to mind. Review any keywords you’ve written down and pile on any additional variations you can think of, including synonyms and conjunctions.

Your Visitors

Perhaps the most telling keyword sources will be your current crop of visitors. Find out how they’re finding your site by looking at your site’s access logs. Those terms are obviously bringing you traffic so put them down as well.


Your direct competitors (especially successful ones) can tell you a lot about which keywords you should be angling for. Take a look at their meta tags and write down any keywords you haven’t thought of that might seem useful.

Quite a few services can also help you identify keywords that your competitors are bidding on. Sites like SpyFu and KeywordSpy all purport to do this, with varying levels of accuracy. While they may prove off at times, it’s a great way to find potentially valuable terms, some of which may not have even crossed your mind.

Beg Your Friends

If you have friends who are experienced in the field, beg them (or brainstorm with them, if you prefer a less desperate term). While that may hurt your pride somewhat, a morsel of an even just slightly profitable keyword can be enough to jumpstart your online endeavors – in fact, many have started their empires from just that.

Just Find It

Regardless of how you acquire them, it remains unquestionably crucial that you need to find keywords that will help make the online facets of your business grow. Not short of begging, take whatever road you can to unearth new potential keyword gems.