Keywords And Niches That You Can Dominate


Too many people in this business try to take on too much too fast.

I’ve seen newbies go from zero to tackling the intricacies of a credit card site, ending up with nothing to show for it in the process. How the hell are you going to make a dent in an industry where the pros own every major property in a big way?

If you seriously want to make a go at building your own network of profitable sites, try focusing on niches that you can dominate on your current resources. How much do you have that you can invest for real? Zero dollars and a lot of time? $500? $10,000?

For those looking to invest nothing but time in the process, do you really think starting a weight loss blog or a payday loan resource will get you up to a profitable space? Even if you put in $1,000, you’ll probably be hard-pressed to make any serious impact. Look at the bottom rung of these types of blogs and content sites – they all have more articles than backlinks and, consequently, make nothing month in and month out.

“But there aren’t any niches small enough to dominate, should I just give up?”

If you think there aren’t, you’re right. If you think there are, you’re also right. There is always a new niche born every minute and that’s the reality in this business. They might be minutely small and not even profitable, but they exist.

New events, personalities and products crop up at breaking news sources daily – all of them relatively fresh, potentially useful niches you can dominate right now. For instance, American Idol is coming up. Each one of the contestants who walk through those audition halls can be a future superstar and this is your chance to gain the first foothold – a potential niche that you can embrace and rank for right this minute.

That same concept holds true for almost every breaking piece of current event you can find. At worst, you will have worked on a site that was only relevant for about two weeks. At best, you end up with a gold mine. For the price of a little time investment, it doesn’t sound all that bad to me.

Find a niche you can dominate…