Inspirational Speeches: A guide to Boosting Moral In The Office


An inspirational speech delivered at the right time seems to produce the most miraculous results in almost any environment. In movies, they are always used when the team of people is at their lowest point or feeling as if they are not going to be able to accomplish their primary goal. However, once that speech is given, those people are inspired, encouraged and determined to do whatever it takes to make it across that finish line.

Are those speeches just as effective in real life? What about in the business world? Do inspirational speeches really boost the morale of employees within an office? The simple answer is that speeches are powerful and can boost morale in your office. However, with the great power of these speeches also comes the great responsibility of not abusing that power.

The Power of Word Choice

What makes an inspirational speech great? One of the significant factors that contribute to a speech achieving a state of greatness is in the words that are chosen for use within that speech. Make sure that you use your words wisely. There are quotes that can be used to enlighten your employees, anecdotes that can be used to make them think and even humorous jokes that can be told to lighten the mood and provide mild entertainment for your employees.

Why is it that so many of the most famous speeches throughout history are so easy to remember? The word choice that the writers of those speeches used was truly powerful, because those words were able to engrave themselves into the minds and hearts of all of their listeners. You can always easily identify a great speech if that speech is just as great being read on paper as it is when it is orally delivered.

Do Not Abuse the Power of the Speech

Even though word choice is powerful, it is very easy to abuse this power. For instance, repetition of important points for emphasis is recommended and highly effective. However, excessive repetition can cause your audience to become bored, aggravated and even frustrated with your overall speech. It does not matter how great the speech is or how wonderful the writing of that speech was, the delivery of the actual speech is essential and will determine its success or failure within your office.

Excessive delivery of your speech itself is also something that should be avoided. Think about those pivotal scenes in movies that are memorable because of those speeches. There are always only one or two key speeches given by the same character throughout the entire movie for a reason. What would happen if that character delivered an inspirational speech in every single scene that they were in? Would they still be as effective at moving the audience to action?

It Has To Inspire You First

If you are the person delivering the speech, then you have to be the first one inspired by the words of that speech. Why is this so important? If you do not believe what you are saying or are not inspired by what you read, how do you expect for your employees to believe or be inspired by it either? Therefore, the key to a great inspirational speech starts and ends with you. You have to be able to manifest inspiration within yourself first and foremost before you can inspire anyone else to do the same. Just like with the teams of people in the movies, a speech that is both written and delivered powerfully can move figurative mountains, boost the morale within your office and allow your employees to feel motivated to accomplish whatever monumental tasks are set before them.