Increase Sales With Your Call To Action – Ask and You Shall Receive


One of the biggest mistakes that 90% of websites fail to do is give their visitors a very clear call to action. The most successful pages I have seen are uncomplicated, uncluttered and give a very clear message of what they expect the visitor to do.

So many times I see websites that try to do too much with a single page. There is so much information crammed into such a small place that the visitor gets lost and confused. Nothing on the page jumps out at you so you end up not really sure what the site is about.

I was recently asked to review a website to figure out why he was not converting the traffic that came to his site. He had a ton of traffic but was selling very few products. when I visited his website I instantly knew why. It took me a full 2 minutes on the page to figure out that he was selling software. He didn’t even have a product image. It was a three column site.

The center column had a few bullet points, followed by a small video, followed by product description. The left column was filled with FAQ and testimonials. The right side was filled with an RSS feed, links, social media graphics, etc. There was not one square inch on the site that wasn’t filled with text. It was probably one of the most confusing sites I had ever seen.

Instead, there should be one thing that grabs the visitor’s attention the minute they land on the page. Whether it be the product image and buy now button, an opt-in box or a video, the person should know within seconds of entering the site what the most important feature is on the website.

A product page should have a product image. Large and center and in your face with a bold buy now button. When I land on a page like this, there is no question about what the site owner expects me to do. They expect me to buy their product. An effective page will have a catchy heading that emphasizes the main benefit of their product, next will be the product image and buy now button and below it maybe a few features or benefits.

There should be plenty of white space around the main call to action so it really stands out. In my experience, I know that the more sparse a page is, the more effective it is.
There should be a link to read more if you want to provide more information about the product.

If a person has to spend longer than 10 seconds figuring out what the page is about, you have lost them. The next thing your page needs to have is instructions. Tell people what you want. Buy my product. Click the button. Confirm the email. People want very clear instructions of what is expected of them. If you do not tell them, they likely will not do what you want.

If you want them to re-tweet your page, ask them. If you want them to share it on Facebook. Ask them. 9 times out of 10 if you ask, they will do it. If you don’t, they won’t. So keep it simple and keep it clear and concise, you will convert much better than trying to do too much.