The Habits Of Effective Twitterers And Their Marketing Techniques


You could be Twitting for a while, but as a marketer, you would want better results in the least possible time. Quick thinking marketers execute or change strategies through following various leads. Like every other medium, Twitter also has its fair share of etiquette that needs to be followed. Being a social site, it is all about interaction.

The first thing is to find contacts that aren’t using Twitter. You can find and invite new contacts so that you can start following them and they in turn start to follow you. Building this list of followers is crucial to your marketing endeavor. Find Twitter users and start to follow them too. This will be the perfect start to a well developed network of followers.

The first good habit is to pay attention to what other Twitters are saying. In turn, you can answer them if they have any queries. This is the perfect way to build a relationship with your followers. Moreover, this will prompt them to start re-tweeting for you. Remember, unless you prove to be worth it, followers will begin to stop following you.

Don’t be selfish. Marketing doesn’t include only you. Build the respect of your followers by promoting your competitors too. This way you also get to know what they are doing and even alter your marketing strategies accordingly.

Another secret is to keep tweeting. Make sure it is valuable though. Pass on interesting news items, short tips, amusing anecdotes, and any useful information. It doesn’t only have to be about you, your product, or your service. Since regular tweeting is a good habit, make sure your content contains a variety of issues. Don’t hesitate to pass on videos, pictures, and links that may interest followers. They will definitely pay you back in a positive way.

Conduct frequent ‘polls’, ask for suggestions, and initiate healthy conversations with your followers. You will be amazed at the feedback you will receive. Speaking of frequency, don’t make the mistake of overdoing it. Just the right amount of twitting will be enough.

Stay far away from slander and speaking ill about your competitors. Followers will soon think of you as a cheapskate marketer looking to make a fast buck and bump you off their list. ‘Unfollowing’ on Twitter is as easy an option as ‘follow’.

To maximize your marketing potential, use plug-ins or websites that support Twitter. Sites like Facebook, Squidoo, and WordPress all Twitter users to import their account to their websites. Visitors will be automatically guided to your Twitter feed. This gives you the extra exposure you need and is a great way to increase your network.

You can use the Direct Messages option for people you follow. This is the best way to get to know your customers on a more personal level, be it only for professional reasons though. Customers may thank you or even let you know what they have to say about your product. Trust me! These are some of the good habits you ought to instill on your journey with Twitter. This will definitely enrich your marketing experience.