Good Content can Help You Receive unique Visitors


If you have web site / web page you must always be looking for ways to drive more and more users to your site. But getting your site up in search engine ranking with millions of site competing with you is always difficult. But if you think you can achieve that by investing lot of money to Pay per Click programs, you are wrong, you can do that in cheaper way as well.

Here we will tell you how to achieve that without investing thousands of $$$. The best way to achieve that is to invest in content instead of paying for PPC, Content is much cheaper that PPC and provide you permanent ranking is Search engines which can drive tons of users to your site. We will describe here how to attract more users by using content for your website.

Another popular myth is using Meta tag is one way to receive visitors from search engine, this was true sometime back but not anymore. Meta tags must be used, but they do not pull visitors from search engine. But Content do that, more content unique and fresh you have more chances that visitors will come to your site looking for interesting topics.

Make sure that you mark your topic a number of times on the web page. Don;t do that in such a manner that it look bad but it should appear naturally and at least 3-4 time per page. Also your content must be of good quality, bad content with spelling mistakes and bad grammar can be bad for your site in long term as no user will like to visit your site agian in future. If you mention your keyword too much in your content it might result in sandboxing by google.

Always try to show your content on single page, multiple page content does not look good from search engine point of view. Number of such article depends on the kind of site you have. if your keyword has less competition you can work well with 8-10 articles but for heavily loaded market you need more pages. 100-200 articles can help you reach on top of search engine ranking. it always depends on how tough competition is?

Now you must be thinking that it is quite tough but in reality it is not that tough. Just do 1-2 articles everyday and then see the results in search engine ranking after 1 month you will feel the difference. To generate fresh content for your search engine ranking take help of search engine itself… this is really working method just try once and if you don;t get success let us know ….