Five Tips for Successful Email Marketing in e-Commerce


This article will demonstrate how the use of e-mail marketing can function as a central tool in online trading. Use these five tips to improve your email marketing campaign.

Use trigger mails to (re-) activation of customers

To increase the rate of opening their newsletter and inactive customers to win back incentives to help as exclusive “Welcome Back” offers or bonuses for new members. Service and transaction-mails are used to, for example, reactivate cart-stoppers, which are so reminiscent of their final product selection. For more attention and less wastage provide personalized speeches and a moderate inserted advertising nature, including “Call to Action”.

Design Email Marketing to be Interactive and Conversational

In the pre and post sale communication via email helps a dialogue-oriented mix of advertising and information to increase conversion rates and customer retention: Integrated reminders, videos and recommendations not only encourage impulse purchases, but also support the buying process, in particular in decision making.

The combination of email with social networking sites can be used as additional information and return channel. The customer is encouraged to share and target recommendations within his circle of friends. This actually makes you able to reach more customers with less effort because your customers will be doing some of the work for you.

Look for Mobile Optimization

Due to the increasing use of mobile devices increases, so does the demand of emails on smartphones and more. To sales and communication channels to consistently extend into these channels, the email marketing strategy be adapted to the cross-media use: optimum experience, technical specifications and mobile service capabilities are the drivers of success. So customers can be informed on the move in the usual quality and support in the purchase process.

Set Life Cycle Management in a Targeted Way

Temporary shopping events, auctions and personalized exclusive offers are perceived as added value and encourage the purchase incentive. Here it is important to engage customers and to arouse curiosity. This is achieved through the use of dynamic content, tailored to personal wish lists, favorite products and customer preferences. The analysis of conversion values is used to determine the optimal delivery frequency and privacy compliant profiling of subscribers.

Consider Aspects of Geo Marketing

Location-related email marketing reach potential customers wherever they are. Especially sales campaigns for local audiences and regional services can be supported, as for example as targeted coupons. A fast and smooth process of the buying process enabling the customer transactional emails and the link with location-based services. Geo-Targeted marketing can especially help the development of niche markets. Use social networking websites to develop your niche markets. Sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Turntable are excellent choices.

Although you will find each of these five tips to be extremely valuable, pay careful attention to the tips regarding location and mobile marketing. These are particularly important as mobile technology evolves. Email marketing does not become outdated, however. Email is still a primary method of communication. Use these email marketing tips and strategies to increase your product or service sales and retain loyal customers.