Business Blog: how to attract clients


Do you have a blog on your website? If, not you should be getting one and also you should be getting into the habit of writing at least 2-3 posts per week. Why? Blog is a great way to drive free traffic to your website as well as it’s an excellent way to capture the attention of your clients. Blog can be used in many different ways, for example you should be utilizing blog to establish a communications channel with your current clients.

Delivering content to your current client base is one of the most important things to keep your business or website running. Even though you sell or deliver service everyday and are engaged in communications process with your clients, you don’t tell them all the things you could.

There are many things that the customer can learn from a blog. They can learn your new service, things that you offer; you can also post additional information and information about what can be done with the product or service. You should always think ahead and create the content that should be interesting to you clients.

How to create content for a blog?

Creating content is not that hard, however several steps should be involved:

· First, you have to think ahead and analyze what question/questions your readers or customers might have. In your blog posts try to answer and address them to your audience.

· Second, write them down and see which once are more relevant to this specific time period. Maybe you want to bundle your blog post with your current promotion, new product or service, specific event and etc. This will not only boost the websites visibility but also might increase your sales.

· Third, after establishing what you want to write about you should create a catchy title. Memorable title will increase the chance of your article being read and that’s exactly what you want. However, make sure it is relevant and true to the post.

· Fourth, begin writing the content for your blog post. Write it so that anyone no matter whom it is can read and understand what you are saying. Although, make sure you speak the language of your customers or the niche you are in.

· Fifth, after writing and publishing your article begin the monitoring. You should be able to identify who reads your post, how many times it was read and most importantly is there an increase in website’s visibility and/or sales.

Hot to attract new clients and readers

Utilizing blog on your website is a great technique to grow your website in terms of visitors, leads and sales generated. I have to admit that at first you won’t notice an increase in traffic; usually it lasts for couple of weeks or even months depending on the industry and the type of content. However after continues efforts and increased database of your blog you’ll notice an increment of visitors coming from different places and exploring your blog with further transaction to your main website.

One important thing to mention is that you should not have your website and your blog separately. You can have them on separate name domains (although it is not recommended) but you should definitely be linking one to another on your front page and stating that this blog is an entity of your website. The best practice is to place your blog on your domain or sub-domain so that people know and understand that it belongs to the website.

Good Luck and Get Blogging!