Brand Design Tips For The Masses


Creating a brand design is rather easy, especially if you happen to be the creative type of person. However, it takes more than just creativity to successfully create a design for a particular brand that will stand the test of time and make people remember with fondness how it was to make use of the product.

What’s the Goal?

In creating a brand design, one important goal that you should try to achieve is to give the product a unique persona. When a product takes on a particular persona, it gets to assume a human character, and this makes it interesting. It creates a certain attraction in people, encouraging them to learn more about the product as if this is a real-life person.

Brand Persona

Using a persona as a tool in brand development can also initiate discussion in the market. By nature, people love talking about others especially when it comes to the uniqueness or oddity of a person. The same thing applies if you opt to create in a given product a persona in your effort to give it an innovative brand design.

Some people may see personas as simply the logo that a product gets to assume. In many ways, this is accurate since logos are the visual representations of various brands. Still, if you want to be creative when going about the process of creating brand logos, settling for personas is a better option.

Brand Name

Apart from a persona, the name that you put into the product is one other factor that can spell success in your product design endeavors. This is where you have to do a lot of research as you need to either create or choose a name for the product that best represents the company which produces it. At the same time, it has to be something that is not only eye-catching, but can be remembered quite easily.

Trying to find the perfect name that will complement the product logo can both be fun and disappointing. If a company has commissioned you for a freelance work in creating a brand design for one of its upcoming products, you will need to consider working with the in-house marketing team especially with regards to the product name. This is because your design has to be aligned with the strategy that the marketing team has prepared. In all likelihood, the team is more familiar with the standards that the company has set when it comes to marketing new products.

Devil is in the Details

Of course, this does not have to mean that you will need to sacrifice your creativity just to please others. There is such a thing as compromise, and in entering into such an agreement, you get to have a better idea on what the company that hired you really wants. The font, for example, that you decided to use in your brand design proposal may not be the type commonly used in the industry where your company belongs to. This new knowledge can prove to be personally useful in the future, especially if another firm from the same industry opts to hire you in designing a logo for them.