Brand Consistency Myths – Debunk Or Not?


Creating a potent brand sits on consistency. A reliable brand name receives attention. This reputation brings potential new business. This is essential with B2B companies, since B2B clients often prefer to identify a company, have trust in it and think they know it before buying the service.

To make sure your brand is accepted and recognized by clients and prospective customers, it is important to be reliable across all channels. But are there any good ways to do this?

Analyse your brand

Businesses are inclined to expand naturally and often bring in various services along the way. It is important to get a glance at your brand name over time and make sure it stays true to the company.

Exploring the way your brand is recognized can identify issues you never suspected they existed. Performing a brand and advertising review that need to integrate client interviews will offer you a better understanding of consumer interpretations and responses to your marketing and branding.

You can likewise do an internal evaluation with workers to better perceive their business view. DWPub did some research in 2010 that revealed there was uncertainty and less understanding in the business and individual solutions, each from a brand name and structural perception. After the study, we made the decision to rebrand in the next half of 2011 to accomplish clarity and reliability in each of these aspects. As soon as you are informed of any issues, you can take action as necessary.

Care about the looks

It is essential to have it right at your brand foundations so that you have a powerful platform to develop. Your look should gain quality, purity and reliability throughout the principles of your brand – print styles, trademarks, colour combinations, pictures and most significantly, the representation of your services and its descriptions.

Reliable brands generate powerful reputation. Imagine of any powerful brand name and you are most likely to get a vision of its colours, images and the services it offers. And this generates reputation, confidence and consequently involvement. Regardless of whether or not someone reads an e-mail, advertisement, leaflet or social networking profile, or appear at one of your sponsored occasions, they will identify instantly it is your brand and they can have faith in it.

Convey your message properly

Your viewers should understand what to expect from your product. Frequently changing your media representative or delivering messages that don’t relate with what your brand represents is most likely to trigger misunderstandings.

Having the same individual cited every time there is a reference in the media will demonstrate a human touch to your brand name and businesses will be much more likely to determine you. A brand message should gain popularity, trust and involvement. Should the customers acknowledge a bit of communication they are more liable to interact with it. One of the issues DWPub’s study exposed was that the audience usually did not identify a part of advertising as being from DWPub, because the services and parent company were not identical in their look and feel. This implied they would be much less likely to interact with it.

Brand profile is a lot more than a great logo and a little of advertising – it is the blend of everything you represent, everything you believe in and all you do. It is the way you appear, the way you talk and the way you act.

Building a good opinion among clients and leads is important in present market. It can help provide a cut-throat advantage, a higher return on investment and long-term brand commitment. It can assist to build an improved business. A reliable brand generates trust. If prospective customers believe in you they are more inclined to buy your products. In case your clients believe in you they are more liable to remain with your brand, however more importantly, they are more probable to suggest you to other people.