Is Your Blog Attractive To Advertisers?


Many blogs make money from advertising. In fact, Google’s Adsense program, which is its content platform for Adwords advertisers, is one of the biggest reasons for the immense rise of blogs.

However, not all blogs lend themselves well to advertising. In fact, back when I was a heavy user of the content network for my PPC campaigns, I was blocking my ads from appearing across many blogs for their immense failure to bring in any kind of conversion. While I haven’t taken that route, I would assume that advertisers who do media buys have similar metrics from which they base the decision on whether to have their ads appear on certain blogs or not.

What kinds of blog gets an immediate thumbs down? While it’s impossible to say 100%, I would assume these ones rank pretty high on the list of those where advertisers turn up their noses:

1. Blogs with no clear niche

A lot of blogs – especially those whose domain is the name of the author – are just plain too scattered in their subject matter, covering tech, food, friends and whatever catches their ADD fancy. Product review blogs, left unwatched, tend to fall into a similar pattern too.

2. Lifestyle blogs

While these blogs have a niche, they’re often too poorly defined and attract too varied of an audience to make advertising worthwhile.

3. Technical blogs

Usually intelligent with plenty of poignant discussions, they’re rarely the platform for selling goods or building a brand. In fact, most people on these types of sites have their ad-blockers on!

4. Cluttered layouts

If I want my ad noticed, I don’t want it amidst a ton of affiliate placements and twenty other banners. More than a few greedy webmasters end up falling victim to this mistake – don’t be one of them.