The Art of Article Marketing


Have you been trying each and every trick of SEO that you can possibly think of yet you still lack seeing your name on the first page of Google rankings? You are probably to the point to where you are just completely ready to give up and call it quits. You think you can’t do it. Well, prior to quitting, try one last thing – article marketing!

Completely clueless about article marketing?

Never fret, article marketing consists of writing original and unique content and submitting those articles to numerous article directories online. This is something that has been around for quite some time now; however, many internet entrepreneurs aren’t aware of the concept. Marketer after marketer has been gaining tons of exposure by creating content and distributing that content in magazines, newsletters, and other areas of interest.

Normally, the process is quite simple and goes the exact same way for everyone. First, you’ll create an original piece of content and submit it to an editor for review. If this content is appropriate for publishing, the editor will then distribute it, which allows you to get some publicity!

Once you get one article out there on the market allowing for some publicity for your business, you will want to repeat the process again as many times as you possibly can. You never know how many customers your publications will bring in – hundreds, thousands, etc. Think of it this way, if you could publish 50 articles and receive 2 customers from each publication – that is 100 customers. That’s pretty good for a startup company if you ask me!

Moving on into a little bit more descriptive information. With articles directories on top of article directories on the World Wide Web, your end result can be beyond belief! One of the main reasons that you see such results is because you are permitted to have two hyperlinks, also known as text links, in the resource box, for each article submitted. You cannot; however, include these links within the text of your article. They must be in the author resource box ONLY.

Article directories have thousands and thousands of readers that have subscribed to be notified when new articles become available. This is how your articles get the swarm of traffic that it receives. Afterwards, you will need to wait for search engines to find (index) the articles and then rank them. When the article finally ranks, you will receive tons of stable and targeted traffic from those indexed articles you submitted to the article directories.

Now, since you added your website link in your author resource box, your website will also receive the much needed traffic enhancement. Article directories are very high quality websites and are highly influential to search engines. In other words, when you submit an article to an article directory and have hyperlinks in your author resource box, your website receives back links from a well-known and highly influential website in terms of search engines.

This is where the magic of SEO starts to churn!