5 Tips to Stay Secured and Private Online


Business Blog offers you great tips and techniques on succeeding in your business. Every week we have 5 Tips of the Week for you where we summarize 5 tips that we think are going to help you with your projects and business developments. This week we’ve decided to talk a little bit about protecting yourself and your employees in the internet space.

All tips are easy to use and will help you to protect yourself while browsing online, checking emails, login in through the Wi-Fi or in any other internet contact. Unfortunately, internet world is not as safe as we want it to be, there are many offers that are not true, viruses, Trojans and other illegal activities. With all those you have to watch out for yourself and make sure that your employees stay current on the online news.

Here are 5 Week Tip for staying safe on the Internet:

1. Make sure to update you employees on what’s happening in the online world. Send them information about the cyber-attacks, spam, and any other information that will guide them and make them cautious about illegal activities on the internet.

2. Notify your employees not to share any important information with anyone on the web and clearly outline that it is prohibited. By making sure important information is not shared without your acknowledgement you protecting yourself from those who are looking to hijack important details about bank details, transaction numbers and other money related information.

3. For all mobile workers carrying corporate cell phones, laptops, tablets and any other work related devices, make sure they are protected enough to avoid break-in and extraction of all the data in the case they were stolen. Mobile devices usually first in line for being stolen or lost, therefore make sure that they are protected.

4. Use passwords that are high on security, use a good combination of capital and lower characters including several numbers. In addition, make passwords with at least eight characters to make sure they are complex and secure enough.

5. Do not keep any valuable data, such as passwords, accounts, and bank information in the easy accessible areas. Also, make sure that your employees are aware of the consequences they will face if any private corporate information will be breached and transferred to anyone without your knowledge.

Please, make sure your data is safe and being treated in the right fashion.