5 tips for bootstrapping your PR


At its core, PR is about making people aware of your business, so when they have the need for your product they turn to you. However, PR agencies are expensive, and with no experience of PR, how can you compete? Here are our top 5 tips for doing your own PR.

Target and Personalize

If your syndicating one press release to every journalist in the world, congratulations – You’ve just added to the noise that floods every journalists inbox. Know your subject – what do they write about? What are their passions? What will they be excited to write about, and can you tie that back into your product?

Be social and follow

Journalism is changing – Social media is becoming a big part of their dialogue with their audience. Take time to grow and audience of your own – Journalists deal with an army of PRs every day, but a recommendation from Joe Public will stand out.

Make fun videos

People share because something’s entertaining, informative, or both. Put out some videos, and when one takes off, you know you’ve got a winner. That’s the one you want to push out to journalists

Silence is not a rejection

Every good PR has either a thick skin or a drinking problem. Journalists are busy people and a lot of people are trying to get their attention. Don’t try, fail and give up. Try, refine, try again. A Journalist gets hundreds of emails a day, if you fail to capture their attention they won’t even remember you come tomorrow.