5 Pieces of Technology Needed for a New Business


If you are in the process of setting up a business, there are a few key pieces of technology needed to help make this period as smooth as possible. The following guide has been put together so that you are confident before offering your services to the public.

A Smartphone

When setting up a business, you will probably find that you need to be in a million places at once so it is important you are always contactable via a plethora of means. From responding to emails to taking important phone calls, a smartphone is your ticket to prompt communication so make sure this is top on your priority list.

A Laptop

When looking for a computer that meets your business needs, it is often better to choose a laptop over a desk top computer. Not only does this mean you can work in numerous office locations, it also means you can deliver presentations to potential clients at their business premises, something which will greatly aid you in your quest for sales and on-going contracts.

A Printer

No matter what type of business you are starting, you will undoubtedly need to create and receive important documents. Whilst many can be left on the computer, certain official documents will need printing off and carefully stored so make sure you have a printer to hand. It’s a good idea to choose a printer with an inbuilt scanner so that physical documents you receive can be duplicated and stored on your computer as back up.

An Office Phone

Striking the right chord with potential clients is really important no matter how long your business has been going for. For this reason, having only a mobile number for your business can often put people off as they do not see you as an established business. Be sure to install an office phone and make sure it comes complete with hold button and conference call ability.

Project Management Software

As your business grows it can become increasingly difficult to manage your projects effectively, therefore project management software could be the perfect solution. Software is available that lets you keep your projects in order as well as offering interactive features so that your clients can also leave notes on progress made or any changes they wish you to make to the project.

As you take the first steps towards running a successful business, be sure to purchase all necessary technology in order to get off to the best start with ease.