4 Steps to Financial Success as a Self-Employed Healer


Careers in massage therapy, Reiki and other healing arts offer many advantages such as the freedom of being your own boss and the personal fulfillment of offering a service that provides needed pain and stress relief for many people. Despite these benefits, you need to be aware of a few factors in these fields that can either make or break your new business. Here are four of the best tips for running and maintaining your healing arts business.


Whether you want to open your business in a static location or intend on working as a traveling healer, you need to choose where you conduct your business carefully. The first priority is to choose a location where the market is not flooded with other similar healing practitioners. There must be a demand for your services. If you intend on opening a storefront, you will want to look for locations that are near other businesses that cater to the same type of client that will pay for your services, day spas, salons, psychic readers and holistic foods.

Know Your Clientele

For a client, coming to you for help is more than just looking for a service. They seek a spiritually lifting, soothing and comforting experience from the moment you walk into the room until the second you leave. Knowing what type of person you are looking for as a client will allow you to build the type of experience you wish to create for them. Clients will return over and over if you put out the right energies and feelings when they are there. Most customers will be looking for relaxation and peace, so setting the scene with dim lights and soft music can help establish a feeling of calm.


Having the proper education and maintaining your knowledge base by continuing to take classes and seminars is vital to making yourself as marketable as possible. Having more services to provide means that you can expand your client base. For example, taking courses through physical therapy schools and holistic healing centers can teach you techniques that compliment your practice and might earn you business from other practitioners in similar healing arts that can refer clients to your practice.


Another key factor to building a client base is advertising. It may seem expensive, especially if you are currently struggling to keep your business afloat, but advertising pays back everything you put into it and more if you choose the correct venue. Placing ads in publications that cater to the type of clients you wish to attract is important. You might also offer discounts and coupons to draw customers in. If that sort of investment is still outside your financial comfort zone, partnering with doctors’ offices, physical therapists and salons can gain you powerful word of mouth advertising fairly inexpensively.

Don’t forget that Facebook can be the best friend of a local small business in attracting clients who are interested in your services. Simply connecting to your current clients via Facebook can help you connect to other like-minded individuals more easily.

Starting your own massage business is a rewarding choice in career, but comes with risk and worries that working for an established company does not. Knowing how to grow your business and how to win clients is the most important factor in whether your appointment book will be packed or empty.